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Bad credit can happen to all us! Quite often, it’s been triggered by a life event, leaving us struggling with unpaid bills and outstanding debts. Some banks will listen and understand your situation, whilst others may offer you no assistance at all. So it’s important that you structure the right type of loan with the right type of lender, allowing you the best opportunity to achieve the right result
At badrcredit-24hr, we listen to the reasons your credit history may have been affected and have processed hundreds of loan applications for people just like you. So why not give us a call. There is no charge for our service and can offer a variety of different lenders whilst giving you an excellent customer experience. So what are you waiting for, give us a call now !

  Bad Credit Home Loans

Looking for a Home Loan but been told by your bank that they are unable to help you because of your personal credit file ? We have access to Lenders that will. Call us now to look at your options.

  Bad Credit Car Loans

Had you forgotten about the dispute with your telco company and mobile bill after applying for the new car loan ? An unpaid default on your credit file can stop the finance in its tracks. We can help.

  Bad Credit Personal Loans

Most Personal Loans are assessed automatically by a computer system.meaning if there is anything abnormal on your credit file, it will almost certainly decline the application. We can help.

  Bad Credit Business Loans

Buying or starting a new business? Maybe your self employed and haven’t been able to get to the accountants to show the banks latest company figures. We know which lenders will be able to help.

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